Utility & Large Power Users
Whether you are a large utility serving hundreds of thousands of customers or a small electric cooperative trying to keep pace with changing standards, DC power products are a major consideration for the overall health of your system.

Mission Critical / Data Centers
Some information and processes are too expensive and critical to leave to chance. As good as utilities are at providing the power we take for granted, DC power systems will always be relied upon to carry you through those unforeseen events that cannot be allowed to interfere with progress and safety.

The telecommunications market has always been a large consumer of DC power products. As consumers make the transition from wireline to wireless communications, providers of telecommunications services have had to race to catch up with demand.

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News & Upcoming Events


We are pleased to announce another DC power training opportunity coming in September. Our “Battery 101” class will take place on September 25th & 26th, 2019. The Wednesday, September 25th class will take place here at the Chapman Company office in Charlotte, NC. The Thursday, September 26th class will take place at Wake EMC in […]